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We aim to help others by donating as much as we can. On Sanspots, we donate 5% of the amount on each service/product we sell !!

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We appreciate non-governmental organisations’ efforts to help the less fortunate and do our utmost to assist them.

We Will Be Happy Even If You Donate 1 Rs In Our Donation Funds !!

We appreciate whatever amount you may provide to assist NGOs improve people’s lives. Sanspots believes that the purpose, not the quantity of money donated, is what is important. Donate a small amount and become a part of our charity.   

Our Motto

Sanspots has been donating to NGOs and needy individuals since its inception. For the past two years, we have been working in the IT field, doing everything we can to aid the less fortunate members of society. We donate 5% of our earnings from each firm to whom we provide services. Our mission is to increase and diversify the finances available to our charity.

‘Even the smallest gift to charity can make a huge impact.’

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